The Tenth ANCAP Symposium

2nd - 4th December 2017
The Reef Hotel, Mombasa, Kenya

Successfully held!

  10thANCAP symposium with a theme ”Chemical pollutants effect on the environment, food security, public health and produce export in Africa” was successfully held from the 2nd - 4th December 2017. The symposium attracted a total of 26 participants from Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Sudan and Ethiopia with presentations on various aspects of pesticides and other pollutants.


O. Munyati - Molecularly Imprinted Solid Phase Extraction (MISPE): Analysis of Pesticides Residues in Food

A.S. Sherify, V.O. Madadi and G.N. Kamau, Degradation and Adsorption of Lambda Cyhalothrin on Athi River And Kwale Soils And Sediments In Kenya

K. Gomoro - A Modified Salle Combined With Ld-Dlime for a Multiclass Pesticide Residues Analysis in Sugar and Soil Using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry.

F.O. Kengara - Sutainable Soil Remediation: The Case Of Water-Logging and Compost Amendment For DDT contaminates soils.

N.H.H. Bashir - Mothers Milk Contamination.

F.A. Masese - Analysis of Heavy Metals, Oil and Grease in Water From The Nairobi River Basin.

C. Mirikau - Pedd/F, Pcb and Hcb In Soil and Ash from Brick Production Sites in Kenya, South Africa and Mexico.

P. Dzomba - Speciation and Degradation of Tetracycline in The Aquatic Environment: Characterization in Terms of Steady State Kinetics that Takes Into Account Photolytic, Hydrolytic, Microbia Degradation And Adsorption Onto Colloidal and Sediment Particles.

S.N. Mailu - Determination of Highly Carcinogenic Polyaromatie Hydrocarbons In Water Based on nano alloys.

C.A. Mgina - Levels Of Afatoxins in Spices Produced and/or Marketed in Zanzibar and Dar Es Salaam.

R. Sha’Ato - Kineties and Equilibria of Pesticide Sorption on Model Soil Components: Equilibrium Parameters for Metribuzin and Metolachlor Sorption.

T. Muhizi - Foods and Risk of Contamination During Preparation

K.J. Mbugua - Utilization Of Rumen Fluid In Production of Bio-Energy From Market Waste Using Microbial Fuel Cells Technology.

A. Hassan - Occurrence, and Distribution of Cyanobacterium moorea producens Affecting Seaweed Farmers In Coastal Waters of Tanzania.

S. Sherify, V.O. Madadi and G.N. Kamau - Degradation and Adsorption of Lambda Cyhalothrin on Athi River and Kwale Soils and Sediments in Kenya.

K. Gomoro, T. Tolcha and N. Megersa - A Modified Salle Combined With Ld-DIIme for a Multiclass Pesticide Residues Analysis in Sugar and Soil Using GC-MS.

F. Kengara - Sustainable Soil Remediation: The Case of Water-Logging and Compost for that Contaminated Soil.

V. Madadi, S.O. Wandiga, P. Shiundu, and C. Mirikau - Perspectives in Addressing Persistent Organic Pollutants in Africa Region.

F. Orata - Occurrence of Perfluoroalkyl Acids (PFAAs) and Pharmaceuticals in Sewage Sludge From Nine Waste Water Treatment Plants in Kenya

A. Kerandi - Determinants of Phthalate Ester Levels in Human Body Fluids of Nairobi City and Mashuuru Sub-County Communities.

E.M. Osoro - Residues Concentrations Or Carbaryl Pesticide in Tomatoes from Hippo, Kingfisher and Harnekop Green House Farms in Thika and Naivasha, Kenya.

F. Kimbokota - Role of Maxillary Palpi in Tephritidae Fruit Flies Behaviours.

V.B. Ondiere - Assessment of Pesticides and Heavy Metals Contamination in Soil From Lake Elementaita Drainage Basin.

M.F. Zaranyika - Dissipation Kineties of DDT in Tropical Soils: A Proposed Multi-Phase Zero Order Kisetic Model that Takes into Account Evaporation, Hydrolysis, Photolysis, Microbial Degradation and Adsorption by Soil Particulates.

V.O. Madadi, S. O. Wandiga, C. Mirikau - Challenges in Addressing Persistent Organic Pollutants in Africa Region.