The Tenth ANCAP Summer School

The 10th ANCAP summer school was held at the University of Zambia in Lusaka, Zambia, from 29th August to 1st September 2013. The training was held prior to the 6th SETAC Africa Symposium. The training was on Bioassays, Bioindicators and Biomakers for Pesticide Analysis. The Resource person were Prof. Robinson Hemmerson Mdegela from the Sokoine University of Agriculture, Dr. Aviti Mmochi from the University of Dar es salaam, Tanzania and Dr. James Nyirenda of the University of Zambia.

The aim of the course was to show procedures and approaches that can be used in Africa to select suitable bioassays, bioindicators and biomarkers for assessment of exposure and effect of different pesticides. Different case studies were used to demonstrate the relative advantage of bioassays and biomarkers in pesticide pollution and exposure studies.


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The training was attended by sixteen (16) participants:

 1. Robinson H. Mdegela - Tanzania

2. Aviti J. Mmochi - Tanzania

3. James Nyirenda - Zambia

4. Ahmed Hamza - Sudan

5. Jimmy Daka - Zambia

6. Dzomba Pambidza - Zimbabwe

7. Ehab E. Mohamed - Sudan

8. Hateiko Hangooma - Zambia

9. Chilufya Lwenge - Zambia

10. Pierre Luhata Lokadi - Zambia

11. Abigail Mbozi - Zambia

12. Simon Mbugua - Kenya

13. Simon Mwale - Zambia

14. Richard Ngulube - Zambia

15. Benon Ntirushize - Uganda

16. Kenny Shumba - Zambia