ANCAP research areas are pesticides and pollutants chemical analysis

ANCAP is a non-governmental, non-political, non-sectarian and non-profit making scientific body devoted to the study, promotion and development of the science of all aspects of chemical analysis of pesticides, including residue analyses, degradation and environmental fate with the overall objective of not only safeguarding public health and the environment, but also ensuring the safety of African agricultural and aquatic products thus making them competitive on the world market, thereby significantly contributing to the region’s poverty eradication endeavours.


Sampling, extractions, analysis using various analytical methods and reporting.


Analysis of POPs in air, water and environment for mitigation actions.

Heavy Metals

Analysis in food stuff, water, sediments and soils using analytical tools.

Climate Change

Ways to mitigate climatic changes are sort and discussed during conferences.


Air pollutions resulting from burning of wastes and fuels

These include; indoor air pollutions from cooking, furans and dioxins


Contaminations from OCPs

Improved and efficient extraction methods are sort to give accurate results

Food stuff

Toxic residues from food stuff resulting from applications and processing of produces

Vegetables and fruits are among the samples for pesticides residues analysis.


Analysis of sediments and soil samples

Fate of pesticides in the environment with regard to degradation, photolysis, adsorption, desorption etc